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Behind the scenes

One of the most fun productions I've ever been a part of. We learned a ton from each other and made some incredible content. The casting was top-notch (shout out to Cast Partner!) and their energy made a great vibe for the shoot.

High: Dancing along with our cast on the rooftop of Apex Studios. The vibes were so happy!

Low: Bogeys in our truck parking!

Buffalo: Our DP could rollerblade like the wind. Shout to Corey Waters!

  • Shoot Days

  • 3
  • Crew

  • 54
  • Cast

  • 15
  • Location Moves

  • 6
  • Client


  • Photographer

    Jeff Vallee

  • Producers

    Sean Lowes + Serene Bynum

  • Production Managers

    Thea Arthen + Sofia Guy

Fitbit Nyota

Los Angeles

  • Photo/Motion
  • Jeff Vallee